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Level 3 Inspection; the world leaders in White Light Scanning and Computer Aided Inspection for precision manufactured products and tooling was founded in 2008. Having a diverse background in the aerospace industry gives us an unrivaled understanding of the requirements and challenges of inspecting gas turbine components, as well as other complex precision manufactured products. Our staff is rich with OEM, after-market and supply chain expertise in drafting, design, manufacturing, advanced metrology, quality and metallurgy as related to gas turbine components as well as other high precision manufactured products. • We recognize and understand the blue print requirements and the applicable specifications • We can interpret the requirements based on our experience • We are well versed on ASME Y14.5-1994M • We are registered to the AS9100/ISO9001 Quality Specification and understand all aspects of first article inspection including the OEM governing specifications • We understand the need to have quality inspection done in a timely manner and our turn times will always support this need • We understand product lifecycle management and our tooling inspection can trend die wear which allows our customers predict usable life of tooling with much more accuracy, this will lead to shorter production line downtimes through better planning and more focused rework plans • Our process yields a unique visual representation of the actual product as compare to the nominal product (or other products) and therefore can shorten the problem solving cycle significantly as well as provide visual records of the problem and the proven solution to the root cause.
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